Payroll Solutions has established the golden standard for service and support that we could only hope to receive from other vendors. Every email gets a response practically immediately and on the rare occasion there is an issue, it has been addressed and resolved immediately. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership!

Tony | Manufacturing

Thank you so much for making payroll such a “non-event”! Literally everything is handled. I can’t imagine ever going back to having a “big box” process our payroll. The customer service is over the top. I so appreciate how proactive you are in making sure payroll is submitted on time and accurately. You are a key member of our team that we appreciate dearly.

John | President

I have worked with many payroll companies: I won’t name them, but they are the big, the medium, the online, and the local, and the integrated into accounting products. There is not a single payroll company I have enjoyed working with or that I have trusted the way I trust Payroll Solutions. My business partner and I like Payroll Solutions so much we have converted all of our clients to them. They are our preferred provider for our clients’ payroll needs and the only one we recommend without hesitation. I have worked with Payroll Solutions for 9 years. Part of their magic is the extraordinary staff they have been able to assemble. Every single individual has been a full partner and fully invested in our payroll success. They really understand client service, they are communicative, patient and understanding. They have covered for me in my errors and seamlessly stepped in when I have fallen short. My clients think I am a payroll genius only because Payroll Solutions people are so good at what they do.

Chrissy | Referring Accountant

Our previous payroll service fired us. They did not see enough profit in payroll service and wanted to focus on their benefits / HR programs. They sold their account base to ADP. An ADP rep from Pennsylvania (not exactly local service) reached out to me, eventually. He had one question, “When is your next payroll?”. No interest in our company, our needs, what we do. This was unacceptable. I searched for a local alternative and contacted Payroll Solutions. One of the founders took my call and we spoke for 15-30 minutes discussing our potential relationship. She personally helped with our setup process rather than handing me off to an assistant. In her I saw a “payroll enthusiast” who would be able to meet our needs. I am extremely satisfied with our relationship and only wish I had discovered Payroll Solutions before. It is not that there will never be a problem with Payroll Solutions or any other provider, the difference is that they will handle it immediately and proactively work with the client to create a program that works.

As a small company Finance Manager, Controller, and now CFO for over 35 years, I can wholeheartedly recommend Payroll Solutions as your payroll service provider. They earn our business and are a pleasure to work with.

Bill | CFO

After using Paychex for a year with lacking service we switched over to Payroll Solutions and couldn’t be happier. Having an actual dedicated person to work with that answers questions as they arise, that provides reports and special requests as needed, and takes all the work out of payroll for us has been great. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

Julie | Legal

Our CPA recommended I contact Payroll Solutions and I am so glad I contacted them. I had used two national payroll companies prior to moving to Payroll Solutions and I had so many problems with the national companies that I was ready to pull my hair out. This was mostly due to repeated problems and the absolutely impossible task of trying to get someone on the phone to work out the problems they had created. That is not a problem with Payroll Solutions. Someone will always answer your call.
We have now been using Payroll Solutions for several years and have been thankful for their knowledge, professionalism and patience. We have multiple companies and our specialist handles two of them with an expertise I admire. The challenge of handling multiple companies can be a headache, but as soon as I started working with Payroll Solutions, my job became so much easier. Also, Payroll Solutions is very knowledgeable in HR and their guidance has helped me resolve several problems already. You can’t go wrong with Payroll Solutions and I highly recommend you give them a try.

Sherry | Logistics

We have been with Payroll Solutions since June 2016. We had previously been with a large national payroll company for the previous sixteen years. (ten years too long really) The differences between Payroll Solutions and the large provider are vast. Payroll Solutions being family owned and operated with staff that have been with them for years has given us consistency and a high level of confidence in our payroll product. They have all the “bells and whistles” of the big guys when it comes to self-serve on-line payroll reporting and reports, digital HR solutions and much more. We are very happy with the entire team at Payroll Solutions.

Tracy | Pet Care

Payroll Solutions has transformed the way we handle payroll, making it an indispensable part of our business operations. Their commitment to their customers is unmatched, and their ability to simplify the payroll process while insuring accuracy and compliance is truly remarkable.
One of the many standout features of Payroll Solutions is their top-notch customer service. Our Specialists response time is unparalleled and she offers guidance and solutions with unmatched patience and professionalism. It’s clear that she genuinely cares about us and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure our payroll needs are met. This efficiency has allowed me to focus on other aspects of our business, knowing that payroll is in capable hands.
Adding Payroll Solutions as a partner has been a game-changer for our company.

Tammy | Controller

Payroll Solutions has been processing our payroll and preparing our company payroll taxes for years. We have found them to be very reliable, competent, communicative, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is done on time and to your satisfaction. Prior to employing Payroll Solutions, we used various other outside vendors, and ended up always bringing the payroll processing back in house. Now, my time is spent working on other projects for the company. I highly recommend Payroll Solutions for your payroll needs and believe you will find them to be a great partner.

Kevin | HVAC

I have been a client of Payroll Solutions for several years.  I used to do it myself through QuickBooks. But as time went on and more and more taxes were added on and the calculations became more daunting, I decided to simplify my life and let a professional do it.  I did lots of research and the best in the greater Seattle area is Payroll Solutions. Payroll for four companies now takes about 90 mins instead of 16hrs when I was doing it myself.  It is simple and seamless.

And if you need some information, you can always call or email YOUR PERSON and get the info you need.  Yes, you get your own client specialist!

The peace of mind that PS has given me and the amount of time they have saved me is priceless.  Their fees are very reasonable and competitive and they even audit themselves and will correct any mistakes or oversights and send you money back!  Amazing! A VERY HAPPY CLIENT,

Sallie | Education

We have been thrilled with the service that Payroll Solutions provides every day!! We are always notified well in advance when there are holiday closure issues, our questions are answered promptly and our payroll is processed and emailed to us within an hour at most.
I love working with a local company as well!

Lindy | Retail

I’ve used Payroll Solutions as my preferred payroll processor for my clients for well over ten years.  They are easy to work with, flexible when we need help and are a ready source of advice and input when we are trying to solve a problem or evaluate a change in policy. 

Peter | Referring Accountant

We love the Payroll Solutions team! They are fast, efficient, organized, professional, knowledgeable, personable and communicate well. Our company has used them for 9 years without any issues!  We are a very small company and greatly appreciate the service, experience and reasonable fees. 

Lisa | COO

Payroll Solutions has been instrumental in handling my payroll. When I initially set up my business I was handling everything myself however a client of mine referred me to them and I couldn’t be happier with their service. Our payroll specialist has been fantastic in helping me fully understand how my payroll works and helped me when hiring an employee. For any business owners out there, I highly recommend using Payroll Solutions.

Joe | Insurance

I have been using Payroll Solutions for our payroll needs for the last 6 years across multiple businesses and they have been nothing short of AMAZING! Extremely professional, responsive and helpful when questions arise. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Rio | Real Estate

I was referred to Payroll Solutions by a new bookkeeper I hired in the thick of the pandemic (2020). She didn’t offer payroll services so I signed up with this company. 

After being self-employed for 19 years this was the best decision! So easy, great communication and always quick to answer my questions. I highly recommend them.

Melissa | Owner

I can’t imagine why anyone would do their payroll in-house. I have been using Payroll Solutions for years – they handle everything efficiently, effectively, and on time.  And for a very affordable price. I highly recommend them!

Bob | Retail & Hospitality

I’ve been with Payroll Solution for six years now. Our payroll processor has consistently delivered exceptional professionalism and responsiveness. His promptness in addressing my needs eliminates the need for follow-up messages. Their customer service exceeds expectations, providing invaluable assistance with payroll management and staying up-to-date with all the necessary updates and requirements, which proved especially valuable during the pandemic. I’m thoroughly pleased with their services and highly recommend them to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses like mine.

Chinda | Fitness

Payroll Solutions offers a one stop shop to anything payroll related. They are fast, efficient and highly responsive. They file your payroll taxes for you, their online portal allows you to find and access certain files in an efficient and secure manner. They also keep my company on track when I forget to send payroll information by sending me reminders. Overall, we are highly satisfied with Payroll Solutions and would recommend them to any small business!

Priya | Retail

I came to Payroll Solutions on the advice of my CPA after trying a range of approaches for payroll. The bookkeeper, the accounting software, and other payroll services all had their own significant problems and met our needs only poorly. Payroll Solutions has been simple, communicative, and easy to work with.  Other services are set up only to interface with a dedicated employee submitting payroll for dozens or hundreds of people.  Talking to your account rep is difficult and their ability to help you is limited by the rigidity of their system and the low value you represent as a small client. Payroll Solutions has been accessible and clever about setting our account up to work well for the way we operate the business.

It’s been a great relationship and I recommend them to anyone looking for a professional, but practical payroll resource for their small company.

Michael | Retail

Payroll Solutions has been more than wonderful. Besides being cost effective, they are helpful, courteous, and prompt. They are also patient even when I ask the same questions again and again! You can’t go wrong with Payroll Solutions.

Liz | Owner

We have been utilizing payroll solutions for over 10 years. The team at Payroll Solutions has been alongside us as we’ve grown, increased employee incentive and developed complicated auto payments. The team checks in with us twice a month to ensure all data is accurate. Reports are easy to utilize and plug simply into our accounting software. Referencing historical data and reports is fast and efficient and all quarterly and annual reports show up on time and accurate. We would highly recommend payroll solutions and happy to continue our partnership.

Kelly | Retail

I’ve been using Payroll Solutions since 2016. The service has been flawless, courteous and easy. All I have to do is send in timesheets and instructions in time (and I usually get late by a couple hours) and it’s immediately executed. PS, and our assigned person in particular, are patient and nice all the time, and they have explained clearly any new change in regulation or additional documentation that need to be provided in time and  very clearly.   I feel like they have my back.

Pietro | Building

Over decades, I have provided bookkeeping services to small businesses which includes supervising payroll processing. I have worked with all of the large name payroll processing companies as well as banks who run payroll and some of the “do it yourself” companies.  Payroll Solutions is a stand out organization.  Their customer service and response time is unmatched AND they have made ZERO errors over 8 years I’ve worked with them.  If you are considering switching payroll Companies, I highly recommend Payroll Solutions!

Nancy | Referring Accountant

Payroll Solutions does outstanding work!  The owner does an excellent job making sure that the customer’s needs are fully understood up front, ensuring that the transition is smooth.  Their work is error-free.  They are knowledgeable about WA state law so the state reporting part is seamless.  And, their pricing is reasonable! On top of all of this, they are kind and thoughtful people to work with!

Natalie | Service

We spent several years working with a major payroll service provider. It always felt like we were doing all the work and then paying them for the work we did. Switching to Payroll Solutions was a breath of fresh air; they made payroll management simple and certainly earned their money for the quality services that they provide. I wish all companies provided the level of quality services we enjoy with Payroll Solutions.

Deborah | CEO

When I took over as the owner of American Classic Homes, I wanted to change payroll companies. The team at Payroll Solutions not only helped make the transition easy, they have assisted me multiple times since. Things like a reminder a day or two before pulling the money from the account is above and beyond. This is why when I get a sales call or email from another payroll company, I let them know I am very happy with my current provider, Payroll Solutions!

Ryan, Client | Real Estate

I have used Payroll Solutions for more than 4 years and they are wonderful to deal with. I love their customer service. If you are looking for a payroll solution that takes all the work out of your hands this is the company for you!

Diego | Legal

I have really appreciated my relationship with our Payroll Specialist, from her gentle reminders prompting action on my monthly, to her professional ability to handle my business payroll solutions. The company has been a great boon to me and my business.

Jeff | Owner

We’ve been a Payroll Solutions customer for nearly 8 years. Their team has managed our increasingly complex payroll needs for hundreds of employees across multiple locations. They are always thorough, helpful, and knowledgeable. Any mistake has been met with plans for correction and prompt communication from their entire team. I cannot say enough good things about their team and we look forward to continuing to work with them!

Jake | Home Healthcare

Over the last 30 years I have worked with many payroll companies. Big companies like Paychex, the online companies associated with my accounting system, and the local accounting firms. There is not a single payroll company that I trust and appreciate more than Payroll Solutions. I recommend Payroll Solutions to all of my peers, I recommend without hesitation. I have worked with Payroll Solutions for at least 7 years. Part of their magic is the extraordinary staff. Every single individual really understands client service, they are communicative, patient and understanding. They are also prompt when I make errors or omissions. My employees appreciate me for always staying on top of taxes, deductions, bonuses and pensions plans.  They are the best at what they do.  

Bill | CEO

We used to do our own payroll, and are very happy to have made the switch to using Payroll Solutions. Once we were all set up, all we have to do is to send an email at payroll time – with the employee name, hours and type (work, vacation, etc.). That is it! 

Payroll Solutions automatically pulls the payroll from our business checking account and deposits the correct amount in each employee’s bank account.

They email a password-protected PDF to each employee with all the pertinent details, as well as a summary to us. The taxes are paid to the correct government agencies at each payroll, so we know we are always up to date. At the end of each quarter and at the end of each year, we receive a printout with the quarterly/yearly tax forms all filled out.  Everything is done correctly, on time, and with no hassle.

If we do have questions, we call and are able to speak to someone knowledgeable right away.

My only regret is that we hadn’t heard about this service earlier.  I wholeheartedly recommend Payroll Solutions for all your payroll needs.

Laurie | Technology

Our firm has had the good fortune to work with Payroll Solutions in Renton, WA for more than two decades.  Our businesses have grown together and have gone through several significant changes together and through it all, and through all the years, our relationship with Payroll Solutions and their dedicated team have been an integral part of our success.  They’re local, they’re competent, they’re accommodating, they’re responsible, they care, and their pricing is very competitive.  We have also referred several of our clients to Payroll Solutions, always with a great outcome.  About the only mistake I think you can make is hiring a different payroll company.

Bruce | Property Management

We are a remote-only company with a distributed staff in three different states, and Payroll Solutions has made managing our payroll a breeze. Their customer support is better than anything I’ve experienced, and I know I can email or call with any question, big or small. Payroll Solutions puts my mind at ease.

Judy | Chief of Staff

We have been using Payroll Solutions for more than ten years.  They are a professional group with great communication skills and efficiency in doing our payroll.  Their team has been easy to work with and they provide excellent turnaround in preparing our payroll and reports.  We highly recommend them.

Velvet and Teresa | Technology

As a small business owner I thought there was no way I could afford a payroll company. Then I was referred to Payroll Solutions. I can’t believe I ever did business without them. I made so many, very costly, mistakes in the past. With Payroll Solutions I never have to worry about mistakes and it’s a lot more cost effective than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend them to every business of every size.

Nikki | Pet Care

Our small company has used Payroll Solutions for many years now and have never had any issues. They are friendly and responsive and give me personized attention. I would recommend them to any small business.

Launa | Owner

As a fractional Controller, I work with a number of payroll providers.  Payroll Solutions offers the most personal and attentive payroll service by far.  The team is very easy to reach by phone and incredibly responsive.  They answer emails promptly and thoroughly.  They always send a payroll reminder just when I need it the most – they are always looking out for their clients.  A true pleasure to work with!

Lisa | Controller

Payroll Solutions has been extremely helpful and professional with all things payroll related. Whenever I’ve had a question, they’ve been able to help right away and followed up to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction.

I highly recommend Payroll Solutions for your business, thank you for making things easy!

Michael | Real Estate

We switched to Payroll Solutions after years of being with a larger payroll company. We always felt like we were too small to matter to the large payroll company. After being with Payroll Solutions for over two years, I continue to be impressed with the responsive, supportive, professional and friendly support that we receive – for less than we were paying the other company. My only regret is that we didn’t switch sooner!

Katy | Education

I have worked with Payroll Solution for several years now and they are assisting with payroll for 2 of my clients/homeowner associations.

One payroll specialist is our representative for both of my clients. He and his team are exceptional, we have nothing to complain about it and never had a complaint either.

Payroll process is always done in timely manner, information is provided accurately and communication is on point. I would gladly recommend Payroll Solution for your payroll services!

Luiza | Property Management

We’ve been receiving payroll and tax management services from Payroll Solutions for 4+ years. They are wonderful and their expertise adds a great level of assurance and peace of mind to our small business. Our payroll coordinator, has consistently shown strong attention to detail and has been incredibly helpful navigating any complexities. 10/10, I recommend Payroll Solutions!

Jenna | Retail